X-ray or radiography is used to obtain images of the body’s internal structures. We are one of the most reputable X-ray clinics in Chennai, providing digital x-ray with a 300MA machine, which ensures rapid imaging results for the operator, minimal patient waiting time, and optimal image quality for the radiologist to diagnose.


We at Diya Health Centre  focus our highest attention on the importance of precision, speed, and accuracy in laboratory operations. Our fully-automated diagnostic lab is furnished with the latest infrastructure and instrumentation to produce flawless and error-free results. This shift has brought in process improvement, and quality testing and has even provided safety for the technicians.


Ultrasound of the heart is called echocardiography. It creates cardiac images using a normal 2D and Doppler scan. Echo is commonly utilized in the diagnosis, care, and follow-up of patients with heart disease, whether suspected or known. A trained cardiac technician, physician, or cardiologist performs the test. The test requires no patient preparation.


Ultrasound imaging generates sound waves and produces images of the body’s internal components using a transducer or probe. The latest state-of-the-art ultrasound and Doppler technology with 4D capabilities are available at Diya Health Centre to provide the best results to patients and doctors.


It’s also known as a stress test for the heart. In a controlled clinical setting, a cardiac test is conducted that analyses the heart’s potential to respond to external stress. Exercise triggers a stress reaction. Under the guidance of a physician or cardiologist, a technician or nurse will perform this test.


Pulmonary Function Tests are noninvasive examinations that reveal how effectively the lungs are working. The tests assess lung volume, limit, stream speeds, and gas exchange. This information can assist your medical provider in analyzing and selecting treatments for specific lung conditions.


Electrocardiography (ECG) is the technique of employing electrodes put on a patient’s body to record the electrical activity of the heart over time. The ECG provides information about the structure and function of the heart’s electrical conduction system. It’s frequently utilized when a heart attack is suspected. We also provide ECG at home service in Chennai.

Home Sample Collection

It is critical to have your lab tests completed on time to stay healthy. Thus, we at Diya Health Centre offer a home visit for X-rays, ECG and Blood Tests. All our technicians are 100% vaccinated with both doses and follow all the government guidelines like maintaining social distance, use of PPE kits and using of government’s Aarogya Setu App.