Why Corporates should stress more about Health checkups?

Employees in the competitive corporate sector have a demanding work schedule, must adhere to time limits, sit at their workstations for long periods, are restless, and are under pressure from job tension.

Workplace stress is quickly escalating into a huge public health epidemic, with substantial consequences for both employers and employees. Employee productivity is hampered by high absenteeism and burnout rates, and organizations often see a loss in income as a result. Finally, both the employer and the employee share responsibility for reducing workplace stress.

This will surely be harmful to one’s health. Such unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of ailments.

As a result, corporate organizations place a strong emphasis on employee well-being. Corporate health checks are required for all businesses, large and small.

Our Corporate Health Checkup Package

For pre-employment and annual health checks, we are an approved laboratory for a variety of corporate companies. We run numerous onsite camps for various corporations on their premises. Sr. Cardiologist, Sr. Radiologist, and Sr. Pathologist are among the doctors on our panel. We are also an authorized laboratory for many insurance companies for their pre-policy testing. 

The tests included in our Corporate health checkup packages will provide a realistic understanding of the employee’s health status, as well as a road to effective treatment if any irregularities are discovered. We may also create custom wellness packages for businesses, such as annual health checkups and pre-employment health checks.

Diya Health Centre assist your firm in creating a healthy workforce by providing state-of-the-art facilities and exact reporting. Prima Diagnostics is dedicated to making your workplace a healthy and productive environment.

We also conduct many onsite camps in residential colonies.