Health Package

The most effective and cost-efficient strategy to reduce illness risk and severity is to prevent it. People will be empowered to make healthy choices by receiving high-quality preventive treatments in both clinical and community settings, reducing health inequities. The simplest way to avoid disease is to detect it early, which is only possible through frequent health checkups.

Even if you are healthy and have no symptoms, health checks can help you determine if you have an illness or condition. Early detection and management can improve outcomes and reduce the risk of serious consequences.

For this reason, we at Diya Health Centre in Chennai provide the following health care packages at a reasonable price.

Mini Health Checkup at Rs.599

Finding a better way to live your life may be aided by a Mini Health check-up. Under no circumstances should you put off getting a checkup because doing so could ruin your personal life. Numerous health problems have already been experienced by hundreds of people as a result of delaying basic health examinations. Undoubtedly, a mini health checkup can help you be ready for any potential illnesses.

Master Health Checkup at Rs.2099

A Master Health Checkup is suggested to ensure early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease or condition in persons, resulting in optimal recovery/management. Because of the active occupations they seek and the high-stress levels they operate in, this should be done once a year for people over 40. All vital parameters in blood, chest X-ray and ECG are included in a Master Health Checkup.

General Health Checkup at Rs.1099

A general health checkup package becomes a need, as one gets older. This will alert you to any minor health issues, allowing you to intervene before they become more serious. As a result, health experts advise having regular health examinations. To avoid any illnesses or health problems, you should schedule a general health checkup at Diya Health Centre that includes basic blood tests such as Diabetic, Cholesterol, Liver, Kidney Function Tests, and Urine tests, which may be done at the convenience of your home.